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This program has been created to help the grandparents of children living in Together For Cambodia and afterwards extend to the community in general. We currently help several grandparents in neighboring communities. They are elders in their communities who are still quite self-sufficient and every day has "to go out and catch the fish". Each month we deliver a package with food and medical aid. We adjust the quantities and contents according to each woman's needs. With the help of the TFC social worker we also offer a special program "Be heard and be able to release your feelings".

The monthly budget per grandmother or grandfather is $50US. This enables us to buy necessities such as rice, noodles, oil, salt, sugar, canned fish, pork or dried fish and medicines. This also covers the costs for the TFC travel assistant.

Grandmother YAI at 80 years continues to collect algae from the lake and dries and shapes it into precious artwork which she sells in the markets. Her tired, aching hands do not let her do this valuable work with the same agility.

Grandmother KUTNEE at 84 climbs trees in search of leaves used for cooking and sold in the market. Sometimes after climbing the tree she is tired and sleeps on branches.



This program opens the way to provide help for children in the community who have diseases or have suffered serious accidents. The TFC Social Work department liaises between the parents of these children and the hospitals which can provide life-changing help. Under this program, once the parents agree to have the hospitals provide help for their children, TFC makes the necessary arrangements and provides help from our staff to accompany the child and family member to Phnom Penh. TFC coordinates the medical evaluations, operations and supply of medication. At the same time, the TFC staff member monitors the ability of the child and family member to understand the post-operative care needed, the use of the medications and any on-going follow-up visits required. The monthly budget per child depends on different elements such as the number of times that each child should attend hospital, the length of stay and type of operation involved and the number of family members accompanying the child.

The Benefactors of the above programs receive regular information packages including medical and social work assessments, photographs of the people that they are helping and their environment and copies of relevant invoices. Benefactors have the chance to meet the families they are assisting and to visit them in their villages. This is often a powerful and humbling experience, seeing what a huge difference a relatively small donation can make.